How does money and materialistic values motivate the plot complication(s) in A Doll's House?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nora's issues with money begin with the fact that as a woman , she cannot access funds without the permission of a male authority figure, like her husband or father. Nora has to forge her father's name to a loan application in order to save her husband's life.

This is a complication because she cannot face telling Torvald what she has done. She is able to repay it without his knowing, although the secret causes her great turmoil. All the while, her husband criticizes her spending and treats her a child. Krogstad's knowledge of her misdeed threatens her marriage and security, as he uses this information in an attempt to save his job.

Torvald sees his wife as a materialistic possession. She dresses for him, entertains him, and is there for his amusement when he desires it. He does not realize that money is an issue between them until the end of the play.

Nora's realization of how little value she is worth to her husband, causes her to walk away from the marriage.

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