How does money affect Gatsby in the novel The Great Gatsby?

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Money is a crucial part of the main characters' lives. The big difference for Gatsby is all the money and parties are not for their own sake. Unlike Daisy he is not especially moved by what she calls a life of sophistication. He is less cynical about wealth because he has never had it until now, but he is also less in need of it.

Most of the characters in novel lose their self of character as a result of privilege. This is not the case for Gatsby. He pursues this life in order to impress Daisy, become part of her world, and get her to fall in love with him. All of it is about his chase for the "green light", which represents and impossible happiness almost just out of reach. 

He has been tricked into the notion that money can save him; only for him it is not a directly. He hopes it can return him to a better time. He is seduced for more noble reasons that the rest of them.

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Money affects Gatsby deeply in the novel The Great Gatsby. To Gatsby money represents the key to unlocking the upper class society and prestige. Because money is the wall that initially separates him from Daisy, Gatsby resolves to earn enough money to become upper class so he can be with Daisy. Money represents a way to get Gatsby what he wants in the novel. With money he is able to attain fame, popularity and it creates a path that allows him to get Daisy. 

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