How does Molly show determination in Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Molly shows determination in her willingness to leave the camp and go back home in Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence.

Molly makes the initial decision to leave. While her sisters might accept the conditions that surround them,  Molly is unwavering in her need to leave:

... Moll beckoned her two sisters to come closer to her, then she whispered urgently, "We're not going to school, so grab your bags.  We're not staying here."  Daisy and Gracie were stunned and stood staring at her.

In this instance, determination is displayed in a couple of ways. The first is in the absolutist approach Molly shows. Molly is non-negotiable in wanting to leave. She does not hold a vote or engage in a discussion. She tells her sisters that they are leaving with her. Another way her insistent nature is shown is in the reaction of her sisters. They are "stunned." They are not able to understand what Molly is determined to realize. It is this drive that enables her to propose to the sisters that they all follow the rabbit proof fence back home. Molly has always been the "bossy" one, so the sisters capitulate to her steadfast will.

Molly shows persistence on the way back home, as well. She shows it in the way she urges the girls to "run" and keep up with her. When they run into challenges such as the marbu, it is Molly who develops the plans to leave. Molly suggests that they burrow underground to avoid being detected. Molly is continually on the move, underscoring her resolve to get back home. It is clear that she is not going to let anything get in her way. 

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