How does postmodernism provides different ways to examine organizations?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is interesting to embrace the philosophical tenets into a business sensibility.  Postmodernism demands the repudiation of a centralized or totalizing notion of truth, instead seeking to embrace the different valences of understanding that exist in place of a singular vision.  I think that this can have relevance to organizations.  It seems to me that really successful business ventures are ones that have the courage to break from the mold of what everyone else is doing and stand out on their own to find the nuances of the marketplace that have not been discovered as of yet.  When we think of why companies like Apple have been so successful, it was because visionaries like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sought to do something against the current, seeking to find a corner of the marketplace that existed outside the norm.  The search for that which was not certain is the essence of Derrida's deconstructionism.  When businesses are able to harness the energy and experience of establishing identity that is outside of what is expected, I think that there is a model present where postmodern ideas are actually being embraced.