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How does modern drama differ from Shakespearean drama?

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In the early days of drama, the Church was primarily involved. This would change, sometime during the 16th Century. The English Renaissance arrived in England close to one hundred years after Italy's Renaissance. This "rebirth" opened up new possibilities to those who worked with the arts.

The Renaissance brought with it the great drama of classical Greece and Rome.

These great dramatists would include the works of Aristotle, Sophocles, and Seneca among others. Drama changed enormously.

The first plays to follow the mystery, miracle and morality (religious) plays included a conflict centered around three principle characters: the hero, heroine and villain, which is...

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Linquistically for one, slang is more prevalent vs. the thoughtfulness of Shakespearean verse, then there is the antiquated English dialect.  Social status is a possibility, married parents vs divorced...  Mixed races?  Would Shakespear have ever written something like that?  Look for taboos of old to find your differences.

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