how does the misfit's personality& actions help classify him as a rebel and how does that contribute 2 the conflict theme & the symbolism

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merehughes eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Misfit could be classified as a rebel because his view of the world does not fit society's view.  He is alienated because he cannot conform.  He thinks that Jesus is the reason why things are out of balance because he was punished for sins he did not commit.  The Misfit sees himself in this light - the pain he endured during his lifetime does not equal the punishment.  Therefore for him, there is nothing left in living but pleasure and the seeking of it.  

The grandmother insists that he is a good man.  The Misfit disagrees with her, knowing that he is not good. The theme of goodness is portrayed through the Grandmother and the Misfit.  Her perception of what is good is based on shallow and meaningless ideals.  When confronted with death and violence, she recognises this.   

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