How does The Minister's Black Veil relate to the Romantic's time period?

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The Minister's Black Veil has characteristics that are unique to the Romantic period, particularly those which are directly connected with Gothic literature. In Gothic literature there are several elements to be considered but all of them may not be included in one same specific story. However but in The Minister's Black Veil there are plenty to consider: The inevitability of fate, the failure of human nature, the limitations of humanity, mystery and suspense, nostalgia and inner conflict, sadness and the disconnect between man and his nature.

Add to this the atmosphere of fear, the possibility of inner terror, and the curious nature of an impossible problem also have a lot to do with the Romantic characteristic of this short story.

There are two areas where I can find a connection between "The Minister's Black Veil" and American Romanticism.

One is the importance of individual freedom in the sense that each person has the right to choose for himself.  In the short story, Reverend...

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