How does Min's wife make life more pleasant for Tree-ear in A Single Shard?

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Min's wife is a very nice lady who treats Tree-ear with great kindness. She provides him with a midday meal each day, something he isn't used to. For most of his short life, Tree-ear has had to scavenge for food, so to have a regular meal to look forward to each day is an absolute godsend. Even so, Tree-ear doesn't eat all the food given to him by Min's wife; he eats half and takes the other half to Crane-man, who's still living under the bridge.

Later on in the story, Min and his wife will adopt Tree-ear, giving him the name Hyung-pil, which is a form of their late son's name, Hyung-gu. This is an indication of how much Min and his wife have come to love Tree-ear and how they now regard him as if he were one of their own.

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