How does Mildred react when Montag tells her what happened the night before?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Part I of Fahrenheit 451 Mildred typifies the person of the new age in which Montag and the others live because she watches vacuous hours of shows in which "[Y]ou drowned in music and pure cacophony." Mildred also drives excessively fast in order to feel the fear as at least some emotion, tearing "the breath" from hers and Montag's mouths. 

Montag realizes that Mildred has another Mildred inside; however, he does not consider that she will overdose when she goes to bed. After this occurs, Montag calls for emergency aid and the disengaged men come with two machines and pump the drugs out of her as though they are cleaning a drain. When Mildred becomes conscious, she merely observes, "Didn't sleep well. Feel terrible,...I'm hungry. I can't figure it." Montag asks her if she does not remember the night before. 

"What? Did we have a wild party or something? Feel like I've a hangover. God, I'm hungry. Who was here?"
"A few people," he said.
That's what I thought."

Then, she adds ironically that she hopes she has not done anything foolish at the party. Feeling it useless to tell her, Montag quietly replies, "No."