How does Mildred get rid of her frustrations and negative feelings? Does she resolve these negative feelings or just escape them?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mildred uses several techniques to try and get rid of her frustration, but largely her sleeping pills and any entertainment available to her through the "screens" that she hopes to eventually fill all four walls of a room with. But these methods are basically ineffective, which Bradbury illustrates by showing how she has to take so many pills that she overdoses and then that she can't even distinguish between shows but is so engrossed in them that she worries about the possibility of war only because it might disrupt her precious entertainment.

It is clear that she is unable to resolve her negative feelings, she remains utterly devoted to her shows and the escape they provide. This detachment also leads her to be so detached from her husband that she is willing to turn him in to the firemen when she learns of his newfound affection for and collection of books.

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