How do Michael and Mina's perceptions of Skellig change throughout David Almond's book, Skellig?

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In David Almond's book, Skellig, Michael and Mina learn to see Skellig in a different way as time goes by: it's hard to say if they change because of him, or things around them make them change towards him, or both.

When Michael first sees Skellig, he is curious, but he also wants to help. As time goes on, he finds more ways to help Skellig, not just from bringing him Chinese food leftovers, aspirin, brown ale, and cod liver oil, but also when he asks the doctor at the hospital how he can help his "friend" who has arthritis. Michael easily becomes attached to Skellig—taking a risk by telling Mina about him, and moving him to a place where he will be safer.

Mina is an unusual girl: for her the world is full of wonder. She is naturally curious, but not one to dismiss another because of looks. While she may...

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