How does McMurphy's behavior change once the window is broken? How do McMurphy and Nurse Ratched behave towards one another? Provide specific examples from Part 3.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Nurse Ratched announces that she has taken away the tub privileges, McMurphy breaks the glass to the nurse's station and grabs his cigarettes, saying that the glass was so clean that he forgot it was there. "After than, McMurphy had things his way for a good long while" because the nurse was waiting for another idea to make her dominant again.

  • In the meantime, McMurphy participates in every meeting and discussion; he jokes, winks, and drawls his speech in order to draw laughs and disrupt.
  • Later, McMurphy somehow organizes a basketball team, and he even convinces the doctor to let him bring a ball from the gym for the men to handle in the ward.
  • In the mornings, McMurphy skips around in the hall in his "white whale shorts."
  • He pitches pennies in the hall.
  • He runs up and down the hall, blowing shrilly into a referee's whistle.
  • He teaches the Acutes to dribble and make a "fast-break."
  • He goes to the nurse and asks to use her pen while he writes a request for a pass; she politely tells him his request has been refused.
  • McMurphy posts a request for a group hearing on a request for an Accompanied Pass with Candy Starr. 
  • When his pass is refused because of the questionable character of his chaperone, McMurphy goes to the Nurse's Station where the new glass has just been put it. Again, he puts his hand through the glass, asking the Nurse, "When did they sneak that danged glass in there? Why, that thing is a menace!"
  • McMurphy composes notes to Nurse Ratched for her to find in the bathroom with her mirror.
  • He quietly listens to her reprimands, then say something outlandish such as asking what size bra she wears.
  • He somehow organizes a fishing trip for the ward.
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