How does memory play a role in the play Betrayal?

Memory is central to the play Betrayal and to the unusual temporal structure it employs. It is revealed throughout the play that the characters have knowledge of the past that the audience does not, information which is slowly revealed to the audience and which they must then remember to follow along with the play's events.

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Memory plays an important role in Harold Pinter ’s play, especially in regard to the innovative temporal structure he employs. The characters review significant events that occurred earlier in their lives and reveal to the audience which events they have kept in mind and which ones they have forgotten, tried to repress, or denied. The significance of memory is established from the outset, as Emma tells Jerry that she has been thinking of him. When he asks why, she responds, “Well, it’s nice sometimes to think back, isn’t it?” Pinter further conveys the longevity of their...

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