How does McDonaldization affect us in every day life?

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The impact of this phenomenon of "McDonaldization" is widespread and ubiquitous; it affects nearly every aspect of our lives. As consumers, people can make choices about where to spend their money; if they support larger corporate models such as McDonald's, then small privately owned companies may suffer.

This has been happening for years: one example is the proliferation of WalMart stores, which sell goods for low prices (partly because they buy with cash and in large amounts, maximizing profit). Because consumers choose WalMart for its low prices and large selection, they are not supporting a smaller business that may also sell what WalMart does (like groceries, cosmetics, sporting equipment, garden supplies, or electronics). Because these small stores don't get enough customers to stay profitable, they have to close and then communities have fewer choices of where to buy their goods. This leads to a community being left with only corporate owned or "big box" stores instead of more...

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