How does Max see Kevin in chapter 8?

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Chapter 8 contains the fallout from the escapade with Tony and his gang. Max and Kevin have escaped through their transformation into “Freak the Mighty” and through Kevin’s ingenious ideas. In short, Max “sees” Kevin as the hero even though the police hail Max as the hero in this adventure. The police take both Max and Kevin home. When the police return Max to Grim and Gram, they praise Max “for rescuing the poor crippled midget kid.” Max is treated like a hero. This confuses Max a bit. In fact, Max finds the police reaction humorous. According to Max, it was Kevin who was the rescuer here. At the most, Max thinks the combination of the two boys (the unified character of “Freak the Mighty”) is the hero. Max simply supplied the brawn for the escape and thinks that “Freak the Mighty” is the amalgamation of Kevin’s “genius brain and [Max’s] big dumb body.” This is definitely a bit of evidence showing that Max suffers from low self-esteem. Max doesn’t give himself enough credit for his participation in the rescue even when the police laud him as a hero.

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