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How does Mathilde’s attitude about life and happiness differ from her husband’s in "The Necklace"? Answer these questions with a complete paragraph (6–8 sentences).

The main difference between Mathilde and her husband in "The Necklace" boils down to lifestyle. Mathilde cares about status much more than her husband; while he is content living a comfortable yet simple life, Mathilde would prefer marrying a millionaire and living large.

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The Necklace is a short story written by Guy de Maupassant. It was first published in 1884 and follows Mathilde Loisel, who lives in an apartment in France with her husband. They are not particularly wealthy, but they are not poor; they live simply, but comfortably. Mathilde and her husband's opinions about their lifestyle differ enormously.

Everything, or almost everything, Mathilde is unhappy about boils down to her lifestyle. She longs to be rich and live a grand, luxurious life with a spacious...

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