How does mass communication perpetuate cultural imperialism?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is possible to argue that mass communications and mass media perpetuate cultural imperialism both within a country and between countries.  Mass communications help to globalize culture, making it more homogeneous around the world.

Within countries, mass communications help to enshrine the culture of the dominant region and/or class of the country.  As mass communications such as television and movies come to reach all corners of a country, regional differences fade away.  Accents become homogenized.  Local languages die out.  This can be seen as cultural imperialism.

Cultural imperialism also works across country borders.  In today’s world, mass communication channels such as the internet make it possible for the culture of one country to be broadcast around the world.  When that happens, that culture comes to be seen as a norm even in foreign countries.  People who consume the mass communications come to aspire to be like the people they see on the movies and TV shows that are exported around the world.  This reduces the cultural distinctiveness of the various regions of the world.

In these ways, mass communications help to perpetuate cultural imperialism and to make global culture more homogeneous.