How does Mary Shelly influence the feelings of the reader towards the monster?

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lmillerm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Despite the monster's fiendish physical appearance, Mary Shelley makes him a very sympathetic character. Shelley gives the monster a voice; his narrative shows his capacity for knowledge, love, and personal growth, which is something Victor failed to see. Through the monster's narrative readers are given the opportunity to view him as an individual, not as the fiend he appears.

zaynah | Student

I think Mary Shelley makes him a very sympatheic creature..even though he is ugly as physical appeareance amry shelley makes him looks more nicer as metal appereance..mary shelley shows all the pains and sufferings he has gone through the bad phase in a sad way which instently chnages the reaction of the reader towards the creture. Mary shelley contrasts him from victor, she shows how being a fiend he has the true feeling of a real human being compared to viztor who has a feeling of a fiend thtis also helps in changing the view about the creature. Mary shelley shows how the creature has got more knowledge in him compared to victor. the way he narrates his story shows his sentiments and feelings towards victor as well as the suffering he has gone through..his naration describes his sentiments n his growth. we get an opportunity to see the creature as a pure human being even though he has a bad ohysical appereance which i think chnages the view of the people completely towards the creature. (hope it answers ur question properly)

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