How does marlow use the concept of carpe diem in this poem?THE PASSIONATE SHEPHERD TO HIS LOVE BY CHRISTOPHER MARLOW

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“Carpe diem” (seize the day) poetry is love poetry whose main function is to seduce the loved one, the recipient of the poem (a nymph, according to Sir Walter Raleigh’s reply), and to convince her to act on her feelings in an immediate, emotional way (implied sexual), as opposed to allowing a proper courtship with social underpinnings (engagement, marriage, etc.).  Here the poet suggests that all the necessary ingredients are immediately available in Nature for a "marriage" that would have them "live together." – a bed of roses, a gown of wool (the wooer is a shepherd), a belt of straw, etc. – and that this setting, perfect as a May morning, is fleeting and should be taken advantage of immediately.

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