In the novel Kindred, how does Margaret feel about Dana? How does she feel about Kevin?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Margaret is an educated woman who is prone to passing judgements on those around her. She spends less time in her consideration of Kevin than in her criticism of Dana. She sees that Kevin does not conform to the black role, he is not good at being in a subservient position.

With Dana, initially, she is jealous that she has managed to get the attention of both Kevin and Rufus. Because she spends much of her time alone, she focuses on criticizing others and indulging her jealous tendencies. Eventually, her feelings for Dana change after she returns to the plantation after her twins are born dead. Margaret suffers a mental breakdown, and Dana is her caregiver. They become friendly because of this time.

jmg55 | Student

I disagree with the other poster. I don't see that Margaret was educated. Remember that Sarah called her "white trash." And you also have to realize that in her time, girls didn't really go to school. But that is really neither here nor there. The issue is that Margaret is jealous of Dana both because she has *handsome* Kevin clearly as a love interest (but Margaret doesn't know that they are married), and also because Rufus seems to prefer Dana to Margaret.

 I'm also not sure why the other poster suggested Kevin might be in a subservient position. He's white. Why would he be acting like anything other than a slave owner?

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