How does the manner in which each of the pigs speak connect to Orwell's observations described in the essay, "Politics and the English Language?"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I certainly think that much of what Orwell contends in his essay is drawn from the Pigs' leadership, specifically Squealer and Napoleon.  In articulating a condition of "uselessness," Squealer's articulation of the food supply as "readjustments" as opposed to deficits would be one such arena where I think Orwell's construct of language is meant to reflect the desire to conceal the horrific condition of how individuals live with a sense of imprecision and lack of detail.  The blurring of language is also evident in how the commandments of Animalism are altered to enhance and substantiate the rule of the pigs and not to improve the lives of the animals on the farm.  The imprecision of language is present again in ideas such as "some are more equal than others."  The inability to specifically use language to express human pain in the event that it could destabilize the Status Quo becomes one of the critical elements that Squealer seeks to embody.  It is through the his use of "spin" and propaganda that "turns black into white" where Orwell's contention that language can be used by those in the position of power to ensure that social change and remedy in the hopes of making the world as it should be as opposed to what is becomes a critical element in the construction of language.