How does Byron's main character in "Manfred" represent a Byronic hero?

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There are many similarities between the protagonist in Byron's work and the Byronic Hero.  The most dominant one is that Manfred, like the Byronic Hero, is someone cast apart from society.  Simply put, he is "different."  The Byronic Hero is one who is distinct from the social order.  He is solitary and one in whom others stand in awe.  Manfred is certainly this.  The question upon which Manfred undertakes is one whose motivation is not entirely known. We understand that some internal demons animate and drive him, yet we do not fully understand what this exactly is, consistent with the Byronic Hero.  Manfred is extremely adroit and skilled, another trait that is part of the archetype.  Finally, when Manfred is able to accept his overall fate, the reader is able to see that Manfred is an overall decent human being, something that the Byronic Hero receives at the very end of the narrative.

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