How does the man try to cheat time at the end of the story?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the fisherman noticed that the skiff had drifted away he tried to send a distress signal. He asked his son and nephew to fire rounds systematically using their hunting rifles to at least attract the attention of others who might be close by. This plan was unsuccessful and the tide kept rising. The fisherman asked the two boys to brace on the highest point of the ledge. He gave them whiskey to help them fight the cold and held on to the hope that his wife might send people to search for them or someone might find them. The water continued to rise so the fisherman told the boys to climb up his shoulders at least to give the boys more vertical distance and to buy more time as they waited for help.

Though growing larger every minute, it was a small light life. The fisherman meant to hold it there, if need be, through a thousand tides.

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