In The Bronze Bow, how does Malthace's opinion about the Roman occupation compare to Joel's and Daniel's views?

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The very first chapter establishes the different view of the Roman occupation that Malthace has compared to Joel, her brother, and Daniel. When they first meet in this opening chapter, it is clear that Joel and Daniel share very similar views concerning the Roman occupation. Joel and Daniel both swap Roman curses and Daniel believes that the land is "cursed by the Romans," and that until they are removed, "no one is free." Of course, Joel has come to this remote part of land because he has heard rumours of the freedom fighters headed by Rosh, because he wants to join in the struggle to get the Romans out of his land.

However, Malthace, it is clear, has a very different opinion. Note what she says when her brother brings this topic up. She asks whether the Romans "have to bother us" and then in response to her brother's scorn then explains her position:

But what use it is to be always making yourself miserable? The Romans won't be here forever. We know that deliverance will come... There have always been conquerors--and there was always deliverance, Joel.

Malthance then does share her brother's and Daniel's view about the Romans up to a certain point, but she certainly does not hate them with the same passion. She is content to trust in God's deliverance which she believes will come, and she is determined that the Romans will not ruin her life and make her miserable.

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