How does make-up affect your skin?Make-up is supposed to improve a person's looks, but make-up can be bad for you because research suggests that applying make-up could actually be bad for your...

How does make-up affect your skin?

Make-up is supposed to improve a person's looks, but make-up can be bad for you because research suggests that applying make-up could actually be bad for your health,,, HOW?


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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with Post #2, but will add my own experiences with make-up.  I have never been able to use it as it has always made me break out.  My mother used to apply makeup when I'd dress up for Halloween or plays and it would play havoc with my skin.  Consequently, I avoided wearing it my whole life.  More recently, I tried some of the more natural-based brands, but as far as I'm concerned, makeup is just not for me!

I'm told that if you try to read some of the ingredients listed on a product and you can't pronounce them, they're bad for you!  I'm not saying makeup is the only product out there that's bad for your skin, but it's certainly one of the worst. 

The skin has to breathe, and when you cover it up it can't do its job.  I think makeup is unnatural and that most people are just so beautiful already that they don't need anything to enhance their natural appearance.

pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A large percentage of the makeup  on the market is, unfortunately, tainted with ingredients that may be harmful to your health in various ways. Some ingredients like mineral oil simply lead to clogged pores, which can cause or worsen acne breakouts, but other ingredients, such as formalin and formaldehyde, are suspected of causing cancer.

Some companies have begun to produce natural products which use ingredients that are known to be safe. You can look up makeup products on the Environmental Working Group's database to help you make safer choices.

You can also learn more about makeup and your health by watching Annie Leonard's short video "The Story of Cosmetics."


sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It could cause a few skin reactions.

Some people experience allergic reactions to common cosmetic-product ingredients like itching or burning reaction

allergy to specific ingredients that results in swelling, itching, or blisters.

Most commonly caused by things like fragrances or preservatives in makeup and other skin care products.

Makeup can also cause acne.

Certain oils in many cosmetics can worsen acne.

thewanderlust878 | Student

Most makeup is "harmful" to the skin in the since that there is a chance that it clogs pores, causing acne and a less-than-perfect complexion, and making you unhappy. However, many makeup products claim to prevent this, working to create different formulas for different types of skin. Some people can also get an allergic reaction to the different chemicals found in makeup, but there are also more natural, organic products for people who are allergic or for people who simply want something that is better for the environment. 

Hope this helps!

zumba96 | Student

Make up is supposed to make your skin look better most times, but in fact too much makeup can be harmful. Makeup can cause pores to clog and make it hard for them to breathe. While this happens your pores can get dirty, but also can make your face look oily and unless you find the right products to put on your face. Some of the chemical found in makeup can cause harm to the skin

p0tat03 | Student


First, you are using chemicals made of who knows what on your skin!

Then, you are covering your skin not allowing it to breathe! Skin has pores for a reason!

Natural ftw, if people stop judging others by their appearance, would make life a whole lot simpler!

susdas | Student

Women all across the world use makeup on a daily basis to try and look their best. Most medicine cabinets inside a female’s domain are filled to the brim with lots and lots of cosmetics. How many women use skincare products that are past their "best by" date? How much makeup does the average woman use in one year? Does the skin absorb all of these chemicals?


     The average female uses up to 20 different skincare products per day (according to a recent study). This adds up to a phenomenal amount of makeup and skincare product use per year. This is particularly interesting due to the fact that most of these products contain a large helping of chemicals.

     Thus, these chemicals are absorbed through the skin result in various skin problems and ageing issues. While some chemicals that are contained within skin care and makeup products might be ok to use on their own, there’s notelling when these products might do once they are mixed.