A Municipal Report Questions and Answers
by O. Henry

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How does Major Caswell describe his wife?

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Major Caswell buttonholes the narrator in a hotel bar and brags about his supposedly distinguished ancestry. He also brags about how rich his wife is, which would account for the large handful of silver coins in his pocket. (Notably, it's only because Caswell carries such a large amount of cash around that his boorish behavior is tolerated by the hotel management.)

Caswell's loud boasts about his wife's wealth indicate what's really important to him in life. One gets the impression that he only married his wife for her money. As we discover later on, from the doctor who treats Mrs. Caswell after her fainting fit, Caswell is a raging alcoholic who takes his wife for every penny she's got, including the two dollars the narrator had given to Uncle Caesar, who in turn had given the money to Mrs. Caswell.

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