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In what ways does Christianity Today accomplish its goal of influencing its readers and subscribers?

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This is a great question. Christianity Todayis the premiere magazine for evangelical Christians. It was founded in 1956 by the great evangelist Billy Graham. It has a readership of over a quarter million and its influence is pretty strong when it comes to Christians in America. More particularly, it seeks to influence people in three main ways. 

First, the magazine itself has many good articles from the top evangelical thinkers of society. Hence, the intellectual quality of the articles is very good. Moreover, many of these people are academics in established and known institutions. Hence, there is legitimacy. 

Second, they have a growing online presence. The website is actually very robust, akin to the New York Times. For this reason, they are reaching more than the 260,000 subscriptions. 

Third, the magazine is also very well connected with many evangelicals in America. Therefore, there is a lot of clout in all areas. They are in contact with Christian politicians, pastors, and professors, to name a few. In light of this, they are in contact with influential people who are able to connect with others. 

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