How does Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship change in Macbeth?

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At first, the Macbeths are a power couple, with Lady Macbeth taking a dominant role in their partnership. It is she who constantly urges and cajoles her husband into taking the fateful decision to murder Duncan. But once the dirty deed has been committed, Macbeth marginalizes his wife, no longer paying heed to her advice. He becomes so obsessed with fulfilling the witches' prophecies that he develops into a full-blown tyrant, destroying anyone who might conceivably be a threat to his throne.

The murder of Duncan, though brutal and treacherous, did at least have a certain logic to it. But the killings that Macbeth commits after ascending to the throne are truly diabolical and would arguably not have happened had Macbeth continued to listen to his wife's advice. The power that Lady Macbeth sought to gain was purely of this earth, but Macbeth made a stand with the forces of darkness, and it is from there that he derives the sanction for his increasingly tyrannical rule.

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