How does the lymphatic system work?

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The lymphatic system is composed of lymph organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, and lymph vessels. Lymph organs include the bone marrow, spleen and thymus. 

The lymphatic system transports a watery clear fluid called lymph. At the same time, it works in close cooperation with immune system and circulatory system to perform its important functions.

The lymphatic system works with immune system to fight off diseases. Lymphocytes, produced in the bone marrow, circulate throughout the lymphatic system and destroy pathogens that invade our body.

Secondly, the lymphatic system works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones. Lymph fluid also removes excess fluid, waste, cancer cells and toxins, and collects or returns interstitial fluid, which thus helps maintain body fluid balance.

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she-chemist | Student

If to  explain  only mechanically---system  is instrumental in drawing  off of superfluous  liquid  from  tissue . There are little lymphatic  capillaries in  all tissues, intercellular  solution penetrates  and  concentrated in them, forming a lymph. Lymphatic capillaries  meet in lymphatic  vessels which  pierce all  organs. On    the midwalls of vessels  there are  valves which  hinder reverse  motion  of lymph. Lymphatic  ganglions - filters of organism-- are located on motion a lymph.In  lymphatic  ganglions  there are  many   limphocytes which  take an  active  part in  the imunnitive   reactions of organism. All  lymphatic  vessels  unite in  channels and  fall  in  veins. Therefore  solution from tissues again  goes back into  blood.But  it  is mechanics only . If you want  to know about  work  of the imunnitive  system which is presented by limphatic  organs, will ask  me  once again)

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