How does Lyddie react when she sees Ezekial in her cabin?

Lyddie reacts with fear when she sees Ezekial in her cabin. At first, she thinks it might be Luke, but when she realizes a stranger has entered her house, she's scared out of her wits, so much so that she breaks into a cold sweat.

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There's another intruder in the Worthen family cabin. This time, however, it's not a big bear, like the fearsome beast that managed to get in through the window earlier. On this particular occasion, it's a man.

But just what kind of a man is he? Who is he? What's his name? Lyddie would dearly love to know the answers to these questions because she's absolutely scared stiff when she sees the man standing there by the fire.

At first, she thought it might've been Luke Stevens, her Quaker neighbor. But when she sees the whites of the man's eyes, she sees that it's not Luke at all.

To be precise, it's Ezekial Abernathy, a runaway slave. But Lyddie doesn't know this yet; all she sees is a strange man before her, an intruder into her cabin, and is understandably scared by the experience. In fact, she's so scared that she actually breaks out in a cold sweat while she figures out how to handle the new situation she's found herself in.

Thankfully, Lyddie isn't scared for long as Ezekial calmly introduces himself and manages to convince her that he's neither a thief nor a robber and means her no harm.

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