How does The Lovely Bones book represent a journey-narrative?

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This novel is narrated through the viewpoint of a murdered girl, Susie, who is watching her family from heaven. The story unfolds the painful journey her family goes through in trying to cope with her death. Each person in her family has a different journey and copes with her death in different ways. Also, her friends cope with her death in different ways, so the story outlines each painful journey, one by one.  It also outlines the journey of the serial killer and rapist, Mr. Harvey.

Susie's father, Jack; mother, Abigail; sister, Lindsey; and brother, Buckley as well as the boy she likes, Ray Singh; the lead detective on her case, Len Fenerman -- all have a different "journey" in coping with Susie's death. Susie herself goes on her own journey, helped along by her "heavenly intake counselor" who is named Franny. Franny helps Susie understand that she is dead, that she can only watch things happening on earth, and that eventually, she must learn to cope with her own death. Susie's learning process for all of this is her journey.

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