The Plague Questions and Answers
by Albert Camus

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How does love contribute to the dominate theme of survival in being exiled in The Plague?

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In The Plague, we learn that the whole city of Oran in Algeria is in the midst of an outbreak of bubonic plague. Dr. Bernard Rieux and another doctor, Dr. Castel, both warn the authorities that immediate and decisive action is the only recourse in saving the lives of the rest of the inhabitants of Oran. In contrast, Dr. Richard, the chairman of the medical association in Oran, wants to wait until he is sure what manner of disease the city is plagued with; he is afraid that moving too quickly will further alarm everyone and cause unnecessary upheaval.

We see the contrast between Dr. Rieux's immediate care and concern for his fellow citizens and Dr. Richard's reluctance to rock the boat. The same care and concern Dr. Rieux has for his fellow humans is apparent in how he is...

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