How does the epithelial cell covering look?

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Epithelial cells are covering cells. They are found on the surfaces of many organs. Generally they look flat because they line the surfaces of organs. There are epithelial cells lining your cheek that are easy to get a look at. Put a drop of water on a clean glass slide. Then scrape the inside of your cheek gently with a popsicle stick or wooden splint. Swirl the end of the stick in the drop of water on the slide. Add a drop of stain such as dilute iodine or methylene blue. Cover with a coverslip. Locate the cells under low power. Then switch to medium power. You may see some individual cells, or you may even see some groups. Epithelial cells are organized as flat sheets of cells that are packed close together.

versatilekamini | Student

Epithelium is a significant tissue consisting of cells that line the cavities and surfaces of structures throughout the body.Epithelial cells are important cells help to protect or enclose organs,some produce mucus or other secretions.Certain types of epithelial cells have tiny hairs called cilia,which help remove foreign substances.

Epithelial tissue is made up of cells closely packed and ranged in one or more layers.This tissue forms the covering or lining of internal and external body surfaces.There is no intercellular spaces in between epithelial tissues.

Epithelial tissue that occurs on surface on the interior of the body is known as endothelium.These tissues can be divided into two groups.One cell thick is known as simple epithelium.If it is two or more cell thick known as stratified epithelium.

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