How does loneliness tie in as an overall theme of A Streetcar Named Desire?  

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Loneliness is a dominate theme in the play "A Streetcar Named Desire". Almost all of the characters experience loneliness in some fashion or another.

Blanche is above and beyond the loneliest character. While she seems to exude the right characteristics used to surround one self with many friends, one can tell from her past that she has never really found her place. Blanche was a prostitute. She needed to feel the security of a man simply to feel loved- even if for one night.  Unfortunately, this "profession" caught up with her and ruined her one chance at a true relationship.

Stella can be seen as being lonely at certain points in the play as well. While she finds comfort in a neighbor after being abused by Stanley, her need lies with him- for it is only when she is with him when she feels complete. Therefore, when she leaves Stanly, even for a night, she considers herself lonely.

Mitch is another character who houses loneliness. He has lost a love and finds refuge in his mother. He knows that his mother will not live forever. He needs to find a woman to love him the way his mother does. Unfortunately, he thought he had that in Blanche, but he was wrong.

Many references to music signify loneliness as well. The lone instruments portray solitude. Another symbol is the Mexican woman sells flowers for the dead. She is alone and selling flowers to those who have been left as well.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the play "A Street Car Named Desire" Blanche is a very lonely woman who also lives with guilt over her husband's suicide.  Blanche was left alone after her husband's death and she was disillusioned with lief because he had turned out to be a homosexual. 

In an effort to fill the lonely places within her Blanche went from one relationship to another and drank heavily.  She eventually even turned to a student which added to her downfall.

Mitch is also a lonely man who lives with his mother.  He knows that Blanche is a little bit older and he is willing to over look that because he needs some female fulfillment in his life.  However, upon Stanley's snooping and exposure of Blanche's real past he is only left with the choice to save face by dumping Blanche.

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