How do literary elements affect your reading experience?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To approach this question, we must first outline the concept of “literary elements” and perhaps list some important ones.  Let us define the term as “those choices a writer makes to elicit a certain response in the reader.”  The first “literary element” that comes to mind is genre.  When an author chooses the epic, dramatic, or the poetic genre, he or she is choosing a narrative style (according to Aristotle, the number and proximity of the narrators);  the subgenres, such as short story vs. novel, sonnet vs. ode, comedy vs. tragedy, etc. must also be considered and chosen.  Second, the degree of imaginative language is chosen – is it real, believable, recognizable language discourse; or is it “poetic,” colorful, metaphorical language using the evocative power of connotation and rhythm, etc.? Next, the author considers the flow of story development – straightforward, time-parallel plot unfolding, or a juggling of exposition and turning points to make a “puzzle” of the story.  Finally (some would argue “first”), the author needs to consider the literary element of theme or message – why does the author tell this story this way; what is the “message” or “purpose” of passing this tale along to the reader?  Hope this helps.

nunthewizr | Student

Each form of literature can fall in different genres; some are drama, poetry, horror, short stories, fantasy and speech. The two most common forms are fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction usually contains biographies and essays. Since these forms are of real facts and events. However, poems and plays can also fall into the genre of non-fiction when the real events are retold through performance or a poem. This genre of literature offers opinions or conjectures on facts and reality.

          Poetry is a fun genre that has no boundaries on how it can be written. Poetry which is verses and rhythmic writhing that stirs up emotional responses from the reader. It is rhythmic weather it’s in written or spoken form.

          Drama is the genre of literature that is subject for compositions in dramatic art in the way it is represented. This genre is stories composed in verse or prose, usually for theatrical performance where conflicts and emotions are expressed through dialogue and action.

          The literary elements that affect my reading is the conflicts, rhythm and plot. I am not much of a reader so to keep me interested the reading must have a good conflict as in mysteries or a good myth. Poetry which is my favorite form of literature is fun to read, and hear the tone and the rhyming in the words. Also, the plot, I do not like when the plot is simple, it must thicken as the story goes on.