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How does linguistic knowledge of phonics apply to everyday life?

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The linguistic knowledge of phonics is essential for everyday life. it entails the three most important actions to make our brains understand the world, as we know it: recognition, reproduction, and comprehension.

As a cognitive skill, phonemic awareness the most essential step for learning how to read our alphabetically-written language. Without this skill, reading and reading comprehension will not be achieved. As we know, reading is more than an academic requirement: it is a life skill used in everyday communication, in academic settings, in work settings, and in our everyday social life. If reading were not a life skill, just imagine what could happen if you confused the sentence "the ruler is unfair" with "the ruler is on fire". Hence, it actually would be much easier to list how a lack of phonemic awareness can hinder our life. This is because this skill is actually that important.

A student who lacks the skill of phonemic awareness struggles with reading and spelling,...

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