How does Lily try to find out information about her mother in The Secret Life of Bees? 

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All that Lily had to remind her of her mother was a picture of her, a pair of white gloves, and a wooden framed picture. In that picture there was a dark-skinned woman who was labelled the Black Madonna. Beneath the picture was the location, Tiburion, SC. When Rosaleen and Lily escaped from the jail, Lily had a notion to go there and try to find out about her mother. When they arrive in the small town, Lily goes into a small store to buy food and drink. There she sees jars of honey with the Black Madonna label. The storekeeper directs her to the Boatwrights' home, where the honey is made. As Lily and Rosaleen settle into the Boatwright household, Lily learns from bits and pieces of information that her mother had once stayed there herself.


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