How does Liesel develop or grow as a result of the incidents in the story?

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In the book The Book Thief Liesal looses her brother due to his death and then her mother when she is sent away.  She has nightmares but her new foster Papa sits with her and tries to comfort her.  Through his kindness and the security of him and his wife she learns how to trust again.

She is taught how to read and begins to steal bools from the Mayor's wife.  In the woman Liesal identifies a broken person.  As the woman begins to allow her into her life, Liesal begins to mature and look at the damages caused by life and death.

When the Jewish man is brought into the home for hiding the child begins to take responsibility for his safety and well being.  She gains the maturity not to report him and to be careful about covering for him.  She also develops compassion.  This is evidenced by her calm actions when she is in hiding and begins to tell stories she has read to calm the children and others.  She has also gained the ability to remain calm in a crisis.

When Liesal sees the Jewish man paraded down the street with the other men, she runs to him even knowing that socially it is forbidden.  She shows courage.

In the end when her new family is killed and Peter is gone, she leaves to begin a new life with the mayor's wife.  She has gone from being a frightened little girl to a young woman in a short period of time.