How does Leonato behave throughout the wedding scene?

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Leonato's initial reaction to Claudio's, Don Pedro's, and Don John's accusal of Hero's virginity is one of great dismay.  Feeling that Hero has dishonored his family and his legacy, he wishes she were dead:

"LEONATO: Do not live, Hero; do not ope thine eyes."

He also laments about the fact that he has had only one child; Hero being the sole heir to all of his possessions puts him in the position of having no legacy, as Hero cannot be married if she is deemed unchaste. He feels ashamed, as much to the characterization of his name, meaning "bold lion," he acts out with a roar, but also to the nature of lions, he eventually calms down after speaking with the Friar and Benedick, and becomes fiercely loyal to his daughter again.

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