How does Lee remind the reader of the character of Miss Stephanie, Miss Rachel, and Miss Maudie through their comments after the trial is over in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Miss Stephanie, Miss Maudie, and Miss Rachel are all unmarried women who live near the Finch family on Maycomb’s main residential street.  They act pretty much the same way before and after the trial.

Miss Stephanie Crawford is described as “a neighborhood scold” because she is the gossip.  She carefully watches everybody’s business and knows everything about what happens to everybody.  Apparently, Miss Stephanie does try to help her neighbors though, as she is described as one to “go about the neighborhood doing good” (ch 5). 

Miss Stephanie is often cruel.  After Atticus shoots the mad dog, Stephanie suggests that he might not have been sick after all.  When the trial is over, “Miss Stephanie's nose quivered with curiosity” and she wanted to know all kinds of gossip about the court (ch 22).

Did Atticus put us up there as a sort of-? Wasn't it right close up there with all those-? Did Scout understand all the-? Didn't it make us mad to see our daddy beat? (ch 22)


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