In Shakespeare's play Macbeth how does Lady Macduff serve a foil to Lady Macbeth?

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One of the ways in which Lady Macduff acts as a foil to Lady Macbeth is that she appears as a loving parent; she is shown talking with her little son in a a kind and caring manner. This underlines her maternal qualities which are in direct contrast to Lady Macbeth who has no children and claims that she would be ready to sacrifice them to herĀ  ambitions even if she did. The two women are alike in that they both show impatience with their husbands, although they want very different things from them; Lady Macduff wants her husband to think more of his family while Lady Macbeth only wants Macbeth to be king. Finally, it may be said that Lady Macduff acts as a foil to Lady Macbeth in the sense that her husband eventually triumphs in battle over Lady Macbeth's.


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