The Hitchhiking Game Questions and Answers
by Milan Kundera

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How does Kundera's The Hitchhiking Game reveal the power of the game on the two characters of the story?  

Kundera's The Hitchhhiking Game reveals the power of the game on the young lady in allowing her to let go of her shyness and inhibitions. It reveals its power on the man in a negative light, making him angry and making assumptions about his partner's new persona based on his past experiences.

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The power of the game that the girl and the man in this story play proves to have a vastly different, but equally profound effect on both of them.

For the young girl, the act of pretending to be a prostitute that her boyfriend has picked up at a gas station enables her to leave her inhibitions behind and forget that she is, by nature, a shy girl lacking self confidence who gets embarrassed by the littlest things. In this role, she feels...

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