How does Krakauer describe Alex's camp in the novel Into the Wild? About how many people lived there?

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In Jon Krakauer's novel Into the Wild, the main character Chris McCandless has nicknamed himself Alex Supertramp. When he arrives in the Alaskan wilderness he finds an abandoned bus. He sets up camp there, hence the name "Alex's Camp." The area is along the "Stampede Trail." It is actually quite close to highways and the Denali National Park, but like many areas of Alaska, it is still remote. Remote enough that when Chris needed help there was nobody around.

Chris makes his camp in this abandoned bus which had been left as a shelter for hunters who would come through the area. He is all alone. The hike into the bus is about twelve miles and two rivers needed to be crossed. One of them is the Teklanika River which became swollen with icy, raging water in the summer when Chris tries to cross back over to civilization. The camp was outfitted with a wood burning stove and a makeshift bed. The entire four months Chris was there he never saw another person. Ironically, the day his body was found about three weeks after he died, about seven people showed up in three different parties.  

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