How does the Koran make the case for itself as an immortal work, the actual words of god?

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There are several ways in which people claim that the Koran is the infallible words of Allah. They say:

  1. The Koran itself claims to be the revelation of Allah (through the angel Gabriel) to Muhammad his prophet. The method of revelation is a dictation theory. In other words, Gabriel revealed the words of Allah to Muhammad and he wrote them down perfectly to be given to people. This was to have taken place over 23 years, beginning with 610 and ending in 632.
  2. Muslims also look to the Koran for evidence that the Koran is inspired. This, of course, is circular reasoning. In other words, if the Koran claims to be inspired, then it must be. 
  3. Muslims also say that the Koran is systematically perfect. In other words, the Koran gives a true picture of the world, humanity, salvation, and other important aspects of life. Most importantly, they claim that there are no contradictions at all in the Koran. 

Finally, we must realize that what Muslims say is nothing new. Jews and Christians say the same thing. They are all people of inspired books.

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