Etiquette and Eating Habits

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How does knowledge of etiquette in the hospitality industry help make guests feel more comfortable?

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Knowledge of etiquette in the hospitality industry is crucial to helping guests feel comfortable. Knowing how to treat guests with courtesy and respect makes them feel safe. Feeling safe allows guests to relax and get comfortable in an unfamiliar setting.

Etiquette pertains to generally accepted standards of good behavior. It is, basically, treating people with kindness. Without etiquette, it would be difficult for any business to thrive, particularly in the hospitality industry, where treating people well is of paramount importance. Good etiquette requires making the guests feel important, not just to make a quick sale, but to form a long-term relationship.

The rules of etiquette impose guidelines and restrictions that can make interactions seamless. There are several ways to make guests in the hospitality industry feel at ease. For instance, call guests by their names. Answer their questions with courtesy. Always greet them with a smile. Provide loyalty-based rewards to frequent...

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