How does Kit provide a contrast to her uncle? Give 2 examples.

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Kit's uncle, Matthew Wood, is a devoutly religious man and very hardworking.  He is a stern provider.  Matthew Wood is the kind of guy who says something once and expects people to listen and obey.  He also has strong political opinions, and at the time having anti-British and anti-king and country opinions was not something looked upon favorably by the ruling British in the early American colonies.  What the above stereotypes though is the fierce fighting attitude that is sometimes romanticized in portraits of the early American colonists and their fight against the oppressive British.  

Kit, on the other hand, was raised by her grandfather on the island of Barbados.  He is a rich aristocrat with strong loyalties to the king and Britain.  You can see how coming to Connecticut to live with Matthew Wood is going to be a big change.  Not only do their political opinions differ, but going from a rich aristocratic upbringing (complete with black slaves as servants), minimal work, fancy dresses, etc. to a rough, hard-working farm is a tough transition for Kit. If that isn't enough, Kit also has to contend with the massive shift is religious emphasis.  Her grandfather is Anglican.  Her uncle is a Puritan.  The Puritans originally came to America in order to get away from the Church of England, so for Kit, Matthew Wood and his life are about the furthest thing from her grandfather that she has ever seen. 

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