How does Kit change in the story from the beginning to the end of The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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At the beginning of the story, Kit was rather naive about people's ways of life. She believed that her life in Barbados was the norm with servants to help in life's daily tasks, freedom to worship or not worship, being able to swim and sail a boat, freedom to read whatever one wanted, and wearing what was fashionable. As she encounters the Puritans, she finds that the rules have changed. Everyone does the hard, dirty work of just surviving. There are no servants. Going to church on Sundays for hours on end was a requirement, not a choice. Being able to swim could get a woman labelled as a witch. Reading was to learn God's word, not be entertained. Clothing was plain and modest. Once Kit learned to follow these guidelines in order to be accepted, she coped and even grew to be loved by one as strict as Uncle Matthew. Kit learned to govern her comments and curb impulses that would not be acceptable in Wethersfield.What didn't change was Kit's nature to help others.