How does Kim from Seedfolks change from beginning to end?

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In Paul Fleishman's book Seedfolks, the author introduces the reader to Kim. Initially, Kim is a shy child longing to know her deceased father. By the end of the book, she is a confident young lady who has found a connection with her father and many others.

Kim is one of a medley of characters whose lives are changed by a garden that Kim starts in a city lot. Kim's father is dead, and she often looks at his photograph. Her family is from Vietnam. Now she lives in the inner city in Chicago where trash is dumped into a lot near her apartment. Kim brings a handful of lima beans outside in hopes of making a little garden of beans. She does not have any memories of her father because she was born after he died, but she desires to have a connection with him. She knows he was a farmer so she plants the beans in the hope that he can see her growing the beans and tending to them the way he had tended to his farm.

Kim is very shy and quiet. As others watch Kim, one by one different people begin to join her in making the empty yard filled with junk into a cleaner and more beautiful garden. With the inclusion of new people, Kim begins to emerge and becomes more social and friendly. Eventually, she gains a lot of pride and confidence, because she knows her small bean garden led to the beautiful community garden. Kim has also made her father proud.

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