How does Juana and Kino's relationship change throughout The Pearl?

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Juana is a dutiful wife. She is religious. She defers to her husband's judgment. It is her prayers, they believe, that have allowed Kino to find the pearl in the first place. However, after they find the pearl, their son survives the scorpion bite, and Juana begins to see that Kino has become obsessed with the pearl and what it can get him in life - not only money, but prestige. She begins to see the pearl for what is - something that her husband has made into an idol. Although she still respects him and acknowledges his leadership in the family, she begins to beg him to get rid of the pearl. She begins to see it as something evil. She sees that it has become more important to him than his family. She even goes so far as to try to get rid of it, which, even though she fails in her attempt, represents a big change for her because in the beginning of the story, she would not have even considered defying her husband.

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