Julius Caesar Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How does Julius Caesar's ambition prove to be his downfall? Why does Julius Caesar refuse the crown while he desperately wants it?

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While Caesar seemed to truly have Rome's best interest at heart, his personal ambition was seen as a threat by the conspirators. Ancient Rome began as a monarchy in 753 BCE with one king in charge. In 509 BCE, the last of the kings, Tarquin the Proud, was deposed and Rome became a...

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surajverma8 | Student

Julius Caesar is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. Since Julius Caesar is full of ambition but he refuges the crown because of his political farsightedness. He wants to prove that He is not ambitious which is the indistinguishable part of the contemporary politics.But his ambitions stricks him and he is ready to get the crown as soon as possible. He is full of superstitions and full of overconfidence.


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